Who is JackRaffit Giveaways for?

JackRaffit is for event organizers who love creating ways for people to connect. They are passionate about hosting events that leave both attendees and vendors feeling like they got more than they paid for and have them lining up to register for the next event. They understand that event success is about serving people and they organize their events to make that possible.

JackRaffit is perfect for you if you…

Organize events with 20+ small business vendors-- think creatives, consultants, and coaches. Or restaurateurs, professional service providers, and wellness practitioners. Fitness professionals, marketers, and educators. Your vendors are people that need more clients and your events help them with that.

Have 150+ event attendees who create a steady stream of traffic throughout your event. They are eager to visit your vendors and want to focus on enjoying your event instead of filling out their name and email over and over again.

Are looking for ways to offer massive value to your vendors so they can generate leads with their ideal clients, leading to more conversions and a guaranteed ROI on their vendor participation fees.

Want your event to be filled with positive energy fueled by great conversation and networking. You want to make sure the event experience doesn’t end when people walk out the door, but leaves people excited to continue building relationships through digital communication in the days that follow.

Love organization and innovation and are ready to lead events that embrace modern technology and create a new and exciting experience for everyone involved.

By using JackRaffit Giveaways
your event will…

Provide a contactless and safe way for vendors to run giveaways and attendees to enter.

Offer a chic, organized, and uniform way for vendors to run giveaways and attendees to enter them.

Create a better experience for event attendees by freeing up their time to enjoy the event instead of handwriting their name and contact information for every vendor’s giveaway

Deliver a way for your vendors to seamlessly connect with their ideal clients and add those to contacts to their email list in a matter of minutes, instead of spending days doing manual entry.

Eliminate traffic jams at vendor tables so attendees can easily move from vendor to vendor, facilitating streamlined traffic flow throughout the event.

Give you a way to raise vendor participation fees while simultaneously increasing their ROI so you maximize your event profitability and client satisfaction.


What’s included…

The Option for a FULLY Digital Event

2020 uprooted the entire event industry and we pivoted along with it. JackRaffit provides a way for you to run bulk digital giveaways for fully digital events. This creates a fun, interactive way for attendees to participate in events without in-person contact.

Branded Event Page

You’ll send your vendors to a giveaway creation site that’s customized to include your branding and event details. Your event details will be pre-populated, ensuring that all vendors start and end their giveaways at the right time, saving you tons of time answering questions and fixing vendor mistakes.

Vendor Organization Page

Your vendors will be able to easily enter the details of their giveaway including their logo, prize information, contest rules, and contact information. Plus, they’ll be able to track their giveaway entrants in real time and immediately download their entrant contact list to use for lead follow-up.

Complete Event Organizer Admin Page

You’ll have backend access to see the details of the giveaways your vendors are running. This ensures their giveaways meet your standards so your attendees are guaranteed to get what they paid for.

Vendor Scannable QVC Codes

For in-person events, each vendor will be given a printable code to be displayed on their table that attendees can simply scan with their smartphone and be automatically entered to win.

Digitized Giveaway Drawings + Notifications

Your vendors will be able to automatically notify winners of their giveaways and provide them with automated instructions on how to claim their prize.

Ongoing Support

The JackRaffit team is here to help you. We’ll be with you along the way to answer questions and ensure your event is successful.

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level-up your event?

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