Why JackRaffit

JackRaffit is a digital solution for running raffles. Gone are the days spent measuring out arms lengths of tickets and trying to track down your winners.

With JackRaffit, you’ll not only be able to enjoy your event and see more entrants to your raffles, you’ll also have an easy way to capture their contact information so you can stay in touch after your event.

Reasons You’ll Love It

Increase your revenue: Accept cash and electronic payments, now everyone will buy a ticket.

Plan with ease: Setup your raffle in less than 10 minutes, for the ultimate convenient solution for your fundraiser.

Embrace transparency: Using JackRaffit’s Random Number Generator (RNG) technology to select your winners, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your raffles legitimate.

Dive into data: Run detailed reports and get access to analytics to learn more about how your raffles are running. See how many people entered your campaign, the average number of tickets they purchased, and how much money you raised. You’ll always have access to data from past campaigns so you can see trends and develop even better ways to connect with your audience.

Capture leads: Collect emails and phone numbers of entrants so you can get in touch and keep them engaged with your organization.

How JackRaffit Works

Set up your raffles in less than 10 minutes.
Seriously, it’s that simple.

Step 1: Open the App to create your account.

Step 2: Fill in the details of your raffle.

Step 3: Personalize your raffle with your brand’s images.

Step 4: Connect your Stripe account to accept electronic payments.

Step 5: Launch your raffle and start raising funds.

JackRaffit FAQs

How much does it cost to use JackRaffit?

You can sign up and create a fundraiser or contest on JackRaffit for free. There is a transactional fee when participants pay to purchase tickets so we only make money when you make money.

What if I don’t have an iPad or credit card reader?

No iPad? No problem. We offer rentals and long term leases for both.

Are there any set-up costs?

Nope! Running a raffle on your device costs nothing to set-up. If you rent an iPad from us, we require a [$250] security deposit that is fully refundable as long as you return the device undamaged.

Does JackRaffit provide on-site assistance?

Depending on the size of your event, we offer the option to send members of our crew to help out. You can email our event manager at events@jackraffit.com for more info.

How are winners selected?

JackRaffit's proprietary Random Number Generator (RNG) technology chooses winners in a totally unbiased and completely random fashion.

How are payments collected and how do I get paid?

Entrants can buy tickets with a credit card or they can pay with cash. The funds from any credit card transactions will be sent to the business checking account of your choosing within 2 business days of the close of the raffle.

What type of data is collected?

Participant name, email, and phone number are collected. You will be provided with the winners email and phone number to contact them with information on how to collect their prize.

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